Last year, 36 year old Terry, an electrical engineer and welder, was sat at home one evening watching TV with his family, when he experienced a sudden and serious brain haemorrhage, leading him to suffer a stroke. He was rushed to the hospital, where Terry had to have half his skull removed to relieve the pressure on his brain, and was in a critical condition, induced into a coma. His family were warned to prepare for the worst, and if Terry did manage to pull through, he would probably be severely brain damaged, unable to ever walk or talk again.

A year later and Terry is currently recovering in an elderly person’s care home. Terry’s sister Tracey, and her fiancé Jamie are desperate to bring him home, so they can care for him themselves, and so he can begin to regain his independence.

Tracey’s partner Jamie lost his own mum, dad and sister in the last few years, so he really appreciates the importance of family, so much so that Jamie gave up work in construction to care for his best friend Terry full time. Jamie picks up Terry from the care home each day, to and bring him home for a few hours to be with his family, and with his support, Terry has come on leaps and bounds. However, until the house is adapted, he can’t come home permanently. Terry is a young man, but he wasting away in a care home designed for the elderly.

Tracey works from home as an accountant to support her family, but they are struggling to pay the bills on a single income, and couldn’t afford to adapt the house on their own. The plan is to build Terry a self-contained annex in the garden, where he can rebuild his life and return to normality. He needs a place where his two young children can visit him in privacy, but close enough so that Tracey and Jamie can still care for him. DIY SOS will also make the main house accessible for Terry, so he can be a part of family life.

HSS provided free tool and equipment hire to the BBC's DIY SOS programme to help renovate Terry's home.

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