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We've hired 22 recruits through our ROTL programme so far. We recruit ex-offenders both ‘through the gate', and direct from prisons via ROTL (Released on Temporary license). We hope that all colleagues on ROTL continue to work for us on release and that we are able to support them during their transition. Here are just some of our success stories. 

“HSS gave me a chance to turn my life around. By employing me they gave me the opportunity to build my confidence, gain stability and get me back into society which has improved my lifestyle.

This opportunity means a lot to me as it has enabled me to focus on my future outside of the prison environment. I am due to be released in January and I feel that this has helped me to adjust to what life will be like from then onwards. I have been able to earn prior to my release which has also enabled me to provide for my family in a way that I have not been able to for a prolonged period of time. Personally it has also instilled some confidence in me that I am still able to gain employment, and can rebuild my life as well as my future. 

HSSer, West Sussex

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity HSS has offered me and have really enjoyed my time here, the place has a family feel about it and everyone is really accommodating and keen to help if ever I get stuck, I have been offered training which I’m looking forward to and am keen to progress within the company, I am being offered overtime regularly which Is good and I’m quite often being asked about stock problems despite only being here for a short time”

HSSer, London

“It was a concern of mine to have a criminal record and how that would affect me finding suitable employment in the future.  The initiative that HSS have undertaken has meant that I immediately had full time employment upon leaving prison, which meant that a considerable weight was lifted as I was able to financially support myself and my family straight away.  To enter back into a work force, to not be judged and to feel part of a team has been a great comfort."

HSSer, Yorkshire 

“After a week of being released, HSS Hire gave me the opportunity to get my life back on track by offering me a Sales Consultant position. My managers are very supportive and understanding of my circumstance and the team I work with are always encouraging me and praising me when I get things right, which really helps with my confidence and self esteem when trying to integrate back into the community. Although I am the only female working in the branch I do not feel discriminated against, and after just 9 weeks of working at the branch I already feel like part of the furniture. HSS Hire have helped me to see the light and the end of the tunnel and for that I am truly grateful.”

HSSer, Wales 

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