Our Commitment to New Futures

We’re always looking to attract and retain great people from all backgrounds who can bring the right attitude and drive to make it at HSS. Our New Futures programme supports people with convictions into employment, as part of our wider recruitment strategy which aims to fill skills gaps, support and develop people and generate social value.

As a responsible business, we know that by creating these opportunities, we not only get relevant skills into our business, we also support the communities we work in, creating a diverse work force.

As well as accepting direct applications, we also work with partner organisations who can help us promote our range of opportunities, as well as identify candidates. Sharing experiences and expertise with these organisations, such as The Corbett Network, Mind the Gap, Recycling Lives, A Fairer Chance, and St Giles Trust, also ensures we’re offering the most appropriate support during the recruitment and induction process.

We’ve also been working directly with prisons to offer placements to people close to release. These colleagues work on a ROTL basis (Released on Temporary License) and come to work every day like any other colleague.

We understand that colleagues recruited from prison may need particular forms of support when they start work, and during their employment. The prospect of starting employment during or soon after a custodial sentence can be daunting, so HSS encourage managers to have regular catch ups with these colleagues, and to be aware of particular needs – such as allowing more time to show them how to use IT systems, to providing emotional support for adapting to life outside prison. The HR team are also on hand to provide support where necessary to help people adjust. You can read more about our approach here.

So far we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the new colleagues who joined us, and from their managers who are really impressed with the work ethic and commitment they’ve seen.

"The initiative that HSS have undertaken has meant that I immediately had full time employment upon leaving prison, which meant that a considerable weight was lifted as I was able to financially support myself and my family straight away. To enter back into a work force, to not be judged and to feel part of a team has been a great comfort."

We are proud to have won an EFFRR (Employee Forum for Reducing Reoffending) - Effective use of Recruitment – 2019 for our New Futures programme.

Finding employment after release from Prison is a key factor in reducing the number of re-offenders: 

- More than 20% of the UK workforce have a criminal record

- There are currently 83,000 people in prison in the UK

- A high proportion of those in prison will reoffend if they don't have a job or stable home life to come out to

- Only 26.5% of people will have employment upon release from prison

- If employment isn't found within the first year of release, there is a 56% chance of re-offending 

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