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Everyone at HSS has everything they need to do their job successfully, confidently and safely. Our comprehensive training promotes smarter working and longer-lasting careers, and everyone shares in our success, thanks to initiatives led by our Learning and Development team.

We understand that happy, skilled and engaged HSSers means satisfied customers, which is why we’re committed to making sure that we thoroughly analyse skills and needs, identify targets and opportunities, and reward achievements. Ultimately, it means we focus on promoting from within, which meets the needs of the business, and meets the needs of our people - everyone wins!

So, our HSSers can look forward to a mix of development opportunities from ‘on the job coaching’ to organised training. A range of formal, self-directed and innovative approaches are offered to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to lead and manage effectively. Our growing team of internal training specialists deliver a huge choice of training courses, workshops, mentoring sessions and support materials all designed to give people the skills they need to excel.

And when it comes to personal development, we can help there too. HSSers can get involved in a wide range of sessions, to help build Assertiveness, Influencing skills, Communication skills, and much more. Development is available for all colleagues through our intranet system, and has been mapped into a career progression ladder to signpost colleagues to what is available and appropriate at different levels of responsibility.

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